MoMo Sydney Audience Profile

14 04 2008

MoMo Sydney Audience\'s Technology Profile

The overall audience size when the poll was run was about 75 people. 71 people tried to participate with 59 of them successfully joining in. The 12 that couldn’t join in all sent an SMS but either decided not to follow the link in the reply message or simply couldn’t because their mobile doesn’t support data or open internet access.

It was interesting to see that over 58% of users chose to join the Live Poll using SMS. This means they sent an SMS to our inbound number and we then sent them back an SMS with a link to join the Poll. A third of the users simply typed the TinyURL directly into their phone and 8% scanned the QR Code provided. All three of these Access Methods were listed on the postcard that was handed out to the audience.

Again we were quite surprised at how evenly the 3 major MNO’s in Australia were represented. This is similar to the results we saw at Web Directions last year and we believe this suggests that amongst Data Heavy Mobile Consumers the market share is much more evenly split. However these results are only meant to be indicative and are not statistically significant. I’ll make some analysis of the “Other” segment soon.

In terms of Device Manufacturers Nokia and SonyEricsson dominated as usual. However there were 7 iPhone’s (11%) which just highlights what a bunch of Early Adopters the MoMo crowd really is. We think this suggests that this audience is more representative of how the mainstream market will be in 12 to 18 months.

When it comes to Mobile Browsers the audience was fairly evenly split between Safari (iPhone and Symbian), NetFront, Pocket IE and Unknown. We captured the x_wap_profile headers for all of these users so I’ll provide some more info on the “Unknown” break down soon. Again it was very interesting to see how small the Opera slice was. And the IE/Firefox slices were from the PC’s we used on the stage.


Device Manufacturer Stats

7 11 2007

Mobile Device Manufacturer Stats

It’s really interesting to see how diverse and varied the types of devices that participated on the day. Nokia clearly has the most significant market share, and if you combine “Sony”, “Sony Ericsson” and “Ericsson” (which you probably shouldn’t do) then they are a close second.

I think most significant is how small the Blackberry share is. In this audience all the combinations of Windows Mobile devices (dopod, i-mate, O2 and possibly HP or even Samsung) are 3-4 times the the number of Blackberry’s.