Parking analysis

3 10 2007

Parking results

It’s interesting to note that this was the first mcommerce product to still have an awareness problem.

And again the 75/25 pattern seems to be present.

This time it converts to a roughly 9% regular “Monthly” usage rate.


Music analysis

3 10 2007

Music results

This same pattern is even more pronounced here.

Over 85% said “Never”.

However of the small 12% that had tried it half had converted to doing so on a regular “Monthly” basis.

Premium SMS analysis

3 10 2007

Premium SMS results

Again clearly approximately 75% had “Never” tried it.

Of the rougly 25% that had only a small 6% did so on a “Monthly” basis.

This shows that Premium SMS is not as far along the adoption path (read as trial use) as ringtones – however the conversion to regular usage is about the same.

mcommerce analysis

3 10 2007

mcommerce participation results

Amazingly there was only an 8% drop from the first poll to the second poll.

Ringtones and wallpapers results.

While nearly half had bought a ringtone or wallpaper the majority clearly had not. Only a very small 6% did so on a “Monthly” basis. All other regular usage patterns were conspicuously missing. I think this is representative of the “non-youth” bias of the audience.