Mobile Banking analysis

7 10 2007

Mobile Banking results

While a smallish 20% still “Didn’t know you could”, roughly 12% had tried it with half converting to regular “Monthly” use.


Accepting Credit Cards analysis

7 10 2007

Accept Credit Card Payments results

Nearly half the people “Didn’t know you could” accept Credit Cards on your Mobile and the remainder had “Never” tried it.

This shows there is an enormous awareness shortfall to be addressed.

PayPal Mobile analysis

7 10 2007

PayPal Mobile results

Again the roughly 75/25 pattern is present.

Paypal seems to have less of an awareness issue than just the broad “Pay Friends” category does.

However only a small group of 3% do it on a regular basis and that is “Monthly”.

The fact that PayPal Mobile hasn’t been released in Australia yet should have something to do with these numbers 8)

Paying friends analysis

7 10 2007

Paying friends by mobile results

This area has a massive awareness problem with over 40% of people listing “Didn’t know you could”.

Another 50% said they “Never” had.

This left a very small number that was split evenly between “Once” and “Weekly”.

This could suggest a 50/50 conversion rate with the base frequency be “Weekly”, however the numbers in this sample are too small to really draw conclusions.

Parking analysis

3 10 2007

Parking results

It’s interesting to note that this was the first mcommerce product to still have an awareness problem.

And again the 75/25 pattern seems to be present.

This time it converts to a roughly 9% regular “Monthly” usage rate.

Music analysis

3 10 2007

Music results

This same pattern is even more pronounced here.

Over 85% said “Never”.

However of the small 12% that had tried it half had converted to doing so on a regular “Monthly” basis.

Premium SMS analysis

3 10 2007

Premium SMS results

Again clearly approximately 75% had “Never” tried it.

Of the rougly 25% that had only a small 6% did so on a “Monthly” basis.

This shows that Premium SMS is not as far along the adoption path (read as trial use) as ringtones – however the conversion to regular usage is about the same.